LG G7 Price

LG going to surprise all the LG smartphone lovers. Because of Samsung, LG was forced to make the tough decision of launching its new flagship with an older processor or waiting a few months until after the Snapdragon 835-toting Galaxy S8 arrived, which has almost certainly harmed its sales against the faster Galaxy S8.LG is in a rush to update its flagship, and that it may unveil the successor even earlier than usual - potentially in January 2018.

It would have a Snapdragon 845 on board, Samsung is then the one forced to update its flagship quickly or risk losing sales in the meantime. Samsung once again holds exclusive rights to the first batch of chips are untrue - the company claims that a Galaxy S9 launch at CES is unlikely.
When is the LG G7 UK release date?LG G-series next flagship phone arrives a day ahead, which is 2018 as Sunday 25 February.The LG G7 may arrive much earlier than expected, with LG announcing the new flagship in January 2018.

What are the rumored features and specifications?
We don't expect LG to go back to it for the G7.The fingerprint sensor of this phone moved from the rear of the phone to underneath the display. It may well be normal by the time we reach 2018.

The fingerprint scanner there is expected to be an iris scanner, and a patent has been unearthed for just such a feature that will allow you to lock the phone and protect sensitive data. LG has developed a camera that can switch from IR to a regular one.The LG G7 is going to come with Qualcomm's new 7nm Snapdragon 845 chip.It has an octa-core Kryo 385 CPU with four 2.8GHz high-power cores and four 1.8GHz low power cores; the 845 is 30 percent more efficient than the 835 for gaming.

It has dual-camera setup and decent core specs. This new flagship phone has an 18:9 aspect ratio with the G6. There are rumors that the firm will switch to OLED for the G7.

How much will the LG G7 cost in the UK?
It's expected that a flagship device costs in excess of £600. The LG G6 cost £649 and we expect the LG G7 price to be about the same and then fall quickly in the months afterward. This phone price all around $729.

LG G7 2018 Price in Saudi Arabia-59,990.
LG G7 2018 Price in Malaysia-Coming Soon.
LG G7 2018 Price in Singapore-498 SGD.
LG G7 2018 Price in Germany-Coming soon.
LG G7 2018 Price in Pakistan- Coming soon,
LG G7 Plus 2018 Price in India-Coming soon.
LG G7 2018 Price in Bangladesh- Coming soon.
LG G7 2018 Price in Amazon-coming soon.